2-28-21 final bulletin lent 2_

2-21-21 final bulletin lent 1_      Sermon for Feb. 21 2021 by Pastor Hanberry The Blessing of the Kingdom of Heaven 1 lent           Scriptures for Sunday 2-21-21docx

2-17-21 Ash wed bulletin             Graphic of cross on forehead

2-14-21 final bulletin       Sermon for Feb 14 2021 by Pastor Hanberry What I Leaned from the Dark ser21-7        Scriptures for Sunday 2-14-21docx

2-7-21 final bulletin         Sermon for 2-7-21 by Pastor Hanberry (ser21-6) Jesus praying in the dark_                    Scriptures for Sunday 2-7-21docx

1-31-21 final bulletin        Sermon for Jan 31 2021 by Pastor Hanberry Why won’t God turn on the lights tucc       Scriptures for Sunday 1-31-21

1-24-21 final bulletin        Sermon for 1-24-21 by Pastor Hanberry Finding God in the Dark TUCC                       Scriptures for Sunday 1-24-21

1-17-21 final bulletin        Sermon for 1-17-21 by Pastor Hanberry I am afraid of the dark TUCC                            Scriptures for Sunday 1-17-21

1-10-21 Final Bulletin      Sermon for Jan. 10 2021 by Pastor Hanberry Being the Church – receiving and letting go 1-10-21          Scriptures for Sunday 1-10-21docx

1-3-21 Bulletin                  Sermon for Jan. 3 2021 by Pastor Hanberry The Future ser21-1_                 Scriptures for Sunday 1-3-21docx