What People Say

In this busy world, Trinity has always been a pillar in our community and has always helped our community come together in times of tragedy and hardship,
now is the time for our community to come together and support Trinity to keep their light shining.

– Steve Miller, Town Administrator for Manchester

Great things come in small packages. Trinity U.C.C. is a shining example of just how large of an impact a small group can have on a community.
– Martin Tierney, Former Principal Manchester Elementary School

Not restoring the church building would be a shame. Churches and schools are the foundations of any community. Churches symbolize that there are morals and values in the community.
– Martin Tierney, Former Principal Manchester Elementary School

Trinity’s outpouring of love, devotion, and commitment to our school has been huge. The church has made such a tremendous impact on our students in so many ways. I count the school/church partnership a blessing.
– Martin Tierney, Former Principal of Manchester Elementary School

When I come here on Sunday, I leave with more strength from God. ……this church is our refuge from all the bad going on in the world.
– Donna Alban, TUCC member

For Relay (Relay for Life) it also means family…the last several years it has made my heart swell with all that the members have done for us. Making afghans, pitching in whether its donations of food or money. Helping at the yard sales and car washes its just amazing.
– Michelle Stevens, Trinity UCC Member

To me, Trinity Church means outstretched arms filled with Grace.
– Darcey Hott, Tree of Friends Foundation

The heart and caring of this small congregation has impacted our local community and has reached beyond to countries in other parts of the world. (Nepal, Syria, India, Israel, Honduras)
– Sandy Sanders, Trinity UCC member

We have the best music director. Ben is amazingly talented and brings beautiful music every week.
– S. M.

This church is really committed to Community! Worship and music are lively and personal. The new audio/visual system is terrific and skillfully used.
– Dan Davis

TUCC is a warm welcoming, non-judgmental, inclusive of everyone Congregation!
– S. G. D.

I think our church is just great. The congregation is friendly and I look forward to Sundays.

I like how we include kids in our service!
– P. L.