Trinity’s Fundraiser

Those sandwiches must be mighty tasty as we have been asked to continue serving through August and September!  We will not be there on 8/15/20 but will be the rest of the Saturdays.  If you would like to volunteer your services to help on one of these Saturdays please notify Sue Myers, 443-375-6788, with your availability.

Also, financial support is always appreciated.  Just a few stats of how much we sell on an average Saturday: – 6-7 dozen eggs,

8 lb of bacon, 35 sausages, 80 slices of cheese, 6 hot dogs,

4 hamburgers, plus rolls, soda, and water.  So, as you can see monetary donations help.  Please send directly to Trinity UCC,

P.O. Box 730, Manchester, MD 21102 with a note that it’s for the Farmers Market, or go online via our website.